app-usersThe app market is still fairly new, however it has now matured to the point that there are many different user acquisition methods available to the average app marketer. Unfortunately, for most developers it’s a difficult task trying to understand what user acquisition methods are worth investing in, but choosing the right methods is a very important financial decision to make, and it can ultimately affect the entire future of your application. In 2014, there are a few methods that stick out, both for being effective, and notoriously ineffective. We’ve listed some of these below.

Cost Per Lead

So far this year, it seems CPL is proving to be one of the biggest successes in the user acquisition space, and there’s good reason for it. Firstly, CPL tends to be a lot cheaper than many other app user acquisition methods, but despite this, it pulls in fairly decent results. Although the average price of app marketing costs is seeing a rise, CPL still seems to offer a decent return. Cost Per Lead has also been shown to be effective at bringing in more invested users, who are typically going to spend more time in your apps and more money on in-app purchases.

Cost Per Install

A large portion of app developers seem to favor cost per install over other app user acquisition methods, but a lot is pointing at the fact that CPI isn’t all that effective anymore. CPI is easy to get to grips with, so it’s understandable why it might just be the leading method of user acquisition in 2014, however this doesn’t mean it’s got the biggest bang for your buck. In fact, the lifetime value of CPI users seems to be almost entirely worthless when compared to other app user acquisition methods such as CPL.

Incentivized Downloads

So far this year, incentivized downloads have seen a fairly large gain in popularity as more developers are seeing the benefit of this particular app user acquisition method. The average cost per download for incentivized campaigns has proven to be remarkably low, making it a great choice for those working carefully with their marketing budgets and revenue.

Incentivized downloads do bring in low-cost users, but their LTV is typically low as well, but due to their low cost, this is usually a great user acquisition method that can often not be too harmful on your budget whilst bringing in a large number of new users, which in turn can help provide better results for other acquisition methods.

Social Networking

A lot of developers are seeing success within social campaigns that make use of popular networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Typically social campaigns are very hit and miss, but due to their low cost, they are often a great way to boost downloads, especially when a developer already has a decent established user base.

For those starting fresh, social campaigns are usually hard to make work, however the small possibility of shared content going viral is always on the horizon, and this can work wonders for businesses on a very strict budget.

Finding The Best Platform

The key to user acquisition in 2014 is to find different streams that you can spread your efforts across evenly. Many user acquisition methods have their own unique pro’s and con’s, but when you work with multiple methods alongside one another, their performance can usually be improved because you’re sharing the benefits each method gives you across all of your marketing efforts.

One key to good user acquisition is to find a suitable platform, and whilst the likes of Google or Facebook may be a good pick, there are many other platforms out there that can be beneficial to get involved with, and also many that can potentially be deadly for your app’s potential. The big players like Fiksu, Flurry or Chartboost are still growing strong, and they are typically the best platforms to route for as an app marketer or developer.