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Announcing Support for Windows Store Windows Phone Store and Team Sharing for App Annie Analytic

Approximately one week ago, the Windows Phone Store has been added to App Annie and opens up a whole new possibilities. App Annie aims at the accessibility of the App Store and advertising data.
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7 Types of Google Play App Reviewers and How to Respond to Them

One of the major advantage of the Google Play Store is the possibility of replying on a review and building a closer relationship with the users. The types of reviewers are: the superfans, the tweeters, the space cases, the haters, the browsers, the spammers and the techies.
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The Complete Guide to Enterprise App Marketing

This eBook from MobileDevHQ includes all major strategies and tactics for app marketing. Mainly the eBook deals with the following 5 major themes: acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue.
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2014 iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown Dates and Tips

iTunes Connect will be closed on Monday, December 22 through Monday December 29, 2014. This means that you will not be submit new apps, app updates or even access the iTunes Connect website. Don’t forget to factor in the review times. Approvals are currently taking five days, on average.
Customize your app for the holiday season as this can make your app stand out when people are scrolling through App Store search results. Additionally look ahead to February 1, 2015 as all apps uploaded to the App Store must include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS 8 SDK.
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WatchKit Now Available: How to Jumpstart Your App Marketing With Apple Watch

You can use a Watch to increase app engagement. Just the presence of your app icon on the home screen will make users more aware of your app and more likely to use it. Additionally, Actionable Notifications provide alerts that users can act upon, without taking their phone out of their pocket or bag. Targeting watch related keywords, could give your app an advantage when Apple Watch apps first become available. Do some brainstorming on long-tail keywords that people may search for.
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How to get noticed in app store search – the insider

In the latest iOS update (iOS 8), Apple switched to vertical scrolling for browsing apps, and added an additional screenshot to the app’s card. Now it is much easier to search through a greater number of apps due to the continuous scrolling. However, for publisher it is now much easier to escape user’s notice. To avoid the last one you have the opportunity to draw attention with creating new screenshots or icons to match the holiday theme, add a ‘New’ banner across your icons or your screenshots, include a ‘Free’ badge over their screenshots or icons. Again, this is a great way to draw attention to your app and Apple gives you the option to actually add a single large image rather than two smaller ones.
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Unlocking Emerging Markets Is Key to App Store Success

If there’s one thing we’ve learned monitoring the app stores, it’s that today’s small players can be tomorrow’s heavyweight contenders. Marketers to watch which are the top 4 growth markets by percent share of downloads: Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam.
Check out the countries leading tomorrow’s mobile growth in this infographic:

6 Tips for Creating App Previews That Get Downloads

With the launch of iOS 8.0, Apple brought App Previews to the App Store. These videos of 15-30 seconds allow you to show off your app in a more dynamic way. If you keep the following 6 tips from Sam Hutchings in mind, your app preview will succeed. (1) To create an app preview you have to use the QuickTime player to record with an iOS device that has a screen size of four inches or more. (2) When creating, focus on the USPs of you app and show their unique gestures and ways to interact with your app. (3) Just use a little music and let the app speak for itself through how it looks and acts on screen and (check if you can legally use your desired music). Keep in mind that you cannot localise your video (that’s why you shouldn’t use voice). (4) Some apps require extra hardware, a login or in-app purchases for all features to work. This can hurt your ratings and reviews if this is not clear from the start. (5) Just as you would with your app itself, iterate on your original idea until you’re able to articulately and effectively sell your app in under 30 seconds. (6) Practice makes perfect and going through the demonstration steps in your application a few times can make your life a lot easier when it comes to recording and editing. Bonus-tip: Follow the Guidelines.
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