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We live and breathe mobile performance marketing, with a single focus of helping advertisers generate profitable results from each campaign. You pay only for results based on actions that you define – from leads to purchases to installs.

What Mobile Performance Marketing Offers

You only pay for a successful event, that is a download, install, lead or sale. This way you can carry out successful mobile campaigns without risk of paying high CPC or CPM rates. We optimize your campaign taking in account your pre-defined KPIs.

Mobile Performance Marketing 2017
  • Guaranteed quality conversions
  • Purely result-driven through CPA, CPL, CPO, etc. campaigns
  • Campaign optimisation based on business model matching KPIs
  • Data-driven user profiling and targeting with high volumes and reach

The AMA Experience

Mobile Performance Pricing

Advanced Custom Optimisation

Mobile Performance Marketing Technology

The AMA Platform includes four integrated technology components that deliver superior advertising results.

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