A new update to the Google Play store has just hit, and it has made a few slight tweaks and changes to the overall user experience of the app. Whilst there’s nothing major to take into consideration on the development side of the Google Play store, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest updates and know just what new features are available for both app users and app developers within each new update iteration.

So, let’s take a look at what’s new in Google Play 4.5.10.

Google Play In-App Purchase Notifications

google-play-store-4-5-10 what is new

This is probably one of the changes that will have the greatest effect in the Google Play 4.5.10 update, as it will highlight and notify users when an app has in-app purchases. This means that if you have IAPs in your application, users will be able to know this before they download the app by looking at your app page, and this may result in a drop in downloads. If you haven’t got any IAPs, this new update can only be good for you.

Easier Reviews and Recommendations

Encouraging your app users to leave a positive comment about your app can be a frustrating process, but luckily Google are on the case in the new Google Play 4.5.10 update. In this new update, the star reviews have been enlarged to take up a larger portion of the screen and be more noticeable for users. It is also now very easy to edit the rating and the description that goes along with it.

On top of this new UI change bringing more attention to the rating and review system, users will now be encouraged to leave reviews, as this will now help Google to provide them with more content better tailored to their own tastes, which is great for the app user and the developer.

Google+ Activity Feed

Users of the new Google Play Store will be able to track their activity within the store and share their downloads, achievements and other progress with their followers and friends on Google +. It will be interesting to see how many people actually adopt this feature, but it could potentially be a great new way to reach out to new downloads through your current active app users.

Google Play 4.5.10 Rollout

Other than that, the rest of the features are slight fixes and UI tweaks that have little impact on the performance of the Google Play store. The new update has started rolling out now and will be available on devices within a few weeks, however there is a download for the app store already for those that don’t want to wait for the new 4.5.10 update to rollout to their device.