Maximilian Lehmann, Sales Manager.

Q: How did you come to App Marketing Agentur and what is your background?maximilian

A: Before beginning at Weever Media I was working together with app startups increasing their reach by optimising their appearance in the app stores by utilising App Store Optimisation which ultimately results in more organic downloads. In order to experience app marketing on a more holistic basis I decided to become part of Weever Media which is acknowledged to be one of the best app marketing agencies.

Q: What are your main responsibilities?

A: As I had to find clients on my own when I was self-employed it seemed to be a logical progression to foster my skills in sales as a sales representative for App Marketing Agentur. While being a sales representative I am in constant contact with our clients, strengthening our relationship to them while always having the goal in mind to find the most suitable strategy for their apps to gain more visibility and reach their respective goals.

Q: What are your biggest challenges?

A: The app stores are combining apps from every industry so every time I am speaking to them, I have to see the world from their perspective. I am asking myself which approach will have the best outcome for them and which strategy suits them the best. While this being challenging at times it is also what makes it exciting.

Q: In which direction will things go in mobile marketing?

A: I might borrow the words of Niels Bohr: "While it is always difficult to predict, especially if it's about the future ". Nonetheless I will dare to give my estimation how the app economy will look like. When we are speaking about the App Store and Google Play we see them mature everyday, as there are changes taking place much more frequently lately. So we will see the whole ranking algorithm being comparable to what we have with the Google Search today. While I doubt that we will have any major changes like a whole new presentation of the apps like many developers would which in order to have a more "fair" environment. We will see more and more changes making it more difficult to find loop holes to trick the app stores. That is why we are setting up our strategies on the fundamentals which is to have a good product and speaking to the right audience at the right time.

Q: Sorry, but we have to ask this: who is your favorite rock star?

A: I was never much into rock, but when we are speaking about bands I would vote for Linkin Park.

Thanks Maximilian!