Meray Antoun, Sales Manager.

Q: How did you come to App Marketing Agentur and what is your background?

A: I met Richard (the founder) in one of the industry events and had a really nice chat about mobile marketing and the industry in general. I got a really nice impression about AMA and how it differs itself from the other competitors. A few months later I ended up working here.meray

Q: What are your main responsibilities?

A: I’m the sales manager at AMA and Weever Media, my tasks include mainly bringing new clients on board and establish new cooperations. I am also utilising my previous knowledge and experience to expand AMA and get more involved in the affiliate side of the business.

Q: What are your biggest challenges?

A: Time! It flies by so fast and you don’t get the chance to do all the stuff you have to do… It took me a month to answer these questions.

Q: In which direction will things go in mobile marketing?

A: The whole industry is moving towards quality. Advertisers started realising the importance of quality over quantity and I think things are going towards achieving more actions and higher KPIs.

Q: Sorry, but we have to ask this: who is your favorite rock star?

A: As a musician, it is impossible for me to pick one since I have too many heroes… But if I really have to pick one, I would say Roger Waters.

Thanks Meray!