Richard Buettner, Managing Director.

Q: How did you come to App Marketing Agentur and what is your background?richard

A: I founded it back in 2013 as a sister company of Weever Media Ltd based in London.

After 10 years in London where I worked for companies like IBM, Microsoft and Yahoo and building up two start-ups in the mobile marketing space, I returned to Germany and found the app marketing industry here in its infancy - a perfect time for founding AMA!

Q: What are your main responsibilities?

A: I am the managing director, but am getting my hands dirty, so to say, every day. However, I am also looking after implementing major and ever-changing technology trends such as the programmatic buying side of things, fraud protecting, post-install optimisations or big data.

Q: What are your biggest challenges?

A: Finding the time to go on holidays… But honestly I love my job, it just does not get boring.

Q: In which direction will things go in mobile marketing?

A: In the programmatic direction for sure when it comes to branding campaigns, for direct response campaigns I would wait another couple of months. I can see room for improvement also for personalised ads together with holistic cross-channel usage of big data in order to provide super-precise targeting and correspondingly great conversion rates and quality users.

Q: Sorry, but we have to ask this: who is your favorite rock star?

A: Has to be David Bowie - so much music innovation and coolness you won't find in anyone else. RIP David. I also enjoy taking pictures, find some on my personal photo blog.

Thanks Richard!