Teemu Tuononen, Junior Mobile Marketing Manager.

Q: How did you come to App Marketing Agentur and what is your background?teemu

A: I did an internship at Weever Media already back in 2014 while on a student exchange in Munich. For the next two years I worked as a freelance ASO expert in Finland while finishing my studies, until this summer when I moved to Berlin and got a job at AMA.

Q: What are your main responsibilities?

A: I´m responsible for AMA´s website, blog, and social media accounts: basically, I handle inbound marketing for the company. I create and share interesting mobile related content on our blog and on social media to attract visitors to our website. Once on our website, I try to convert those visitors into leads with attractive call-to-actions and great looking landing pages. After they have shared their contact information with us I can follow them up via email and social media, working with sales to nurture the leads into becoming customers.

Q: What are your biggest challenges?

A: Definitely having enough time to do everything. It´s a full time job already to keep up with the industry and share content that is interesting to all of our clients, who range from major retail companies to indie developers, but I also need to be able to keep the website up to date, handle on and off page SEO, write on guest blogs, make creatives for our campaigns, and much more. I´m currently also in the middle of implementing a new CRM system, which is an important but time consuming process.

Q: In which direction will things go in mobile marketing?

A: You know, mobile marketing has grown hugely in the two years since I started working in the industry: new players keep popping up every day, fraud has become a much bigger problem, and mobile as a channel is finally recognized as THE best way to reach your customers even for the most traditional companies, like banks and retailers. But the growth will slow down at some point, the regulations catch up, and people start to expect some kind of standards from mobile marketing services, which is still mostly done on a campaign by campaign basis. TL;DR: mobile marketing will become as productized as app development is already.

Q: Sorry, but we have to ask this: who is your favorite rock star?

A: Not by any stretch a traditional rock star, but Tom Waits is the coolest artist I know.

Thanks Teemu!